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Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting warrants to the original purchaser that our products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and services for the lifetime of the product, subject to the limitations described below.
• Products in which such defects do occur will be repaired or replaced at the option of Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting.
• Warranty claims must be submitted by the original purchaser of Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting along with dated proof of purchase.
• This limited warranty gives the original purchaser specific legal rights, which may vary in the US from state to state.

Fine Art Handcrafted Outdoor product is covered by a two-year (from the date of purchase) manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship and finish.
• Products in which such defects do occur will be repaired or replaced at the option of Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting.
• Warranty claims must be submitted by the original purchaser of Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting along with dated proof of purchase.
• Outdoor products will weather over time, this weathering and variances in grain, color and character is not considered defective under this warranty.
• In no event will Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting be liable for any claims, damages, expenses or losses arising out of or related to any causes beyond Fine Art Handcrafted Lightings’ control, including, without limitation, damages due to lighting products that have been misused, altered, improperly installed, abused (including shipping), neglected, improperly maintained, or subjected to power surges or inclement weather conditions.

No representative or employee of Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting is authorized to make any modification or addition to this warranty.
To submit a Warranty Claim or inquiry please contact:
Please see detailed Limited Lifetime Warranty document here.

• Applicable to fixtures with an integrated LED and driver combination.
• DRIVERS: 3-year warranty from the date of purchase by the original purchaser on drivers.
• INTEGRATED LED LAMP: 5-year warranty on the INTEGRATED LED lamp from the date of the purchase by the original purchaser on the LED Lamp.
• INTEGRATED AC LED FIXTURES WITHOUT DRIVERS: 5-year warranty from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting handcrafts each piece in our factory located in Hialeah, Florida USA. The process of manufacturing starts as soon as the order is placed. FAHL fixtures are made to order and for this reason they cannot be exchanged, cancelled, returned, or refunded.
Indoor and Outdoor fixtures “In Stock”
• Return must be requested within 30 days of invoice date.
• To start a return, contact us at
• Returns will be accepted only with written consent from our Customer Service Department.
• Unauthorized returns will be refused.
• All product must be returned “as new” in its original Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting packaging and be free of any damages or signs of installation.
• 25% restocking fee will be applied.
• Customer will be responsible for return freight and original outbound freight.
• Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting will provide you with an RGA number to note on the boxes.
• Upon receipt by Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting, product will be inspected for “as new” condition. Once confirmed, we will process your credit less the actual shipping charges and restocking fee. Credits will be issued within 10 business days of receipt of the returned product.

All Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting shipments should be opened and inspected upon acceptance and receipt of delivery.
A freight claim must be reported as follows:
• Residential delivery, within 3 calendar days
• Commercial delivery, within 10 calendar days
• If a freight claim is not reported to Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting as stated above, we are not able to process your claim.
• To start a claim contact us at
• Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting will provide you with shipping instructions and a return label for the damaged product.
• Please contact for inquires.

Indoor Product
• Due to the nature of our exquisite hand applied finishes, our product requires special cleaning. Use of water or other liquid cleaning products may result in stains or damage to the finish of the lamp. We recommend the use of only a dry, lint-free cloth to remove dust on all surfaces of our product including glass, mirror & crystals.

Outdoor Product
• Make sure the switch is turned off.
• If needed, secure a ladder near light fixtures you cannot reach from ground.
• Remove any globes, shields, or grills with an appropriate tool (most likely a screwdriver); then unscrew and remove the light bulbs (or fluorescent tube). Set all parts aside.
• Fill two large buckets with hot water and add dish soap. Agitate the water to create suds.
• Place removed items (not the light bulbs) in one bucket.
• Saturate a rag or sponge with sudsy water from the second bucket and use that to wipe down the parts of the light fixture that you could not remove. Keep water from running into open sockets.
• Rinse the fixed pieces with water; remove the loosened pieces from their bucket, wipe them down and rinse them as well.
• When all pieces are dry, apply polish or wax to metal parts if desired, use glass cleaner to clean glass globes or shades.
• Wipe off light bulbs or tubes with a damp rag, being careful not to get the end that screws into the socket wet; then reassemble the light fixtures.
• For coastal environments, we recommend that all luminaires be cleaned monthly in order to remove the salt and dust that accumulates daily.
• Rinse fixture with tap water, ensuring any accumulated salt buildup is removed. Adjust water pressure accordingly.
• Wash the surfaces with a medium brush and light soap with PH not higher than 8.5.
• Rinse again with tap water, adjusting water pressure accordingly.

For coastal environments: The environment within ten miles of a seacoast can be extremely corrosive. Even with the appropriate maintenance, products installed in this environment will typically deteriorate more than products installed in a less severe environment. Some corrosion and/or deterioration is considered “normal wear” in this environment. Thus, any claim for finish failures or for corrosion of other components due to coastal environment conditions may not be applicable to the above warranty.